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Gut Health Plus Bundle

Gut Health Plus Bundle

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Why We Love It

Pair Collagen and Aloe for a supercharged gut health Booster. While Collagen ensures a healthy balance of good bacteria. Aloe has prebiotic powers that feed the good bacteria. Together they keep your gut happy and your immune system strong.

Whats Inside?

Our Sana Collagen & Greens contains type I, II, III, V & X collagen. It also contains a trademarked and scientifically validated formula of 29 fruits, vegetables and herbs which have been found to optimize cellular health and metabolism in the body. This formula, Spectra, is the first clinically proven formula of fruits and greens shown to stimulate antioxidant activity, boost nitric oxide levels and help support general health benefits in the body.

Sana's Cape Aloe is made with a uniquely sourced 100% Natural Aloe Ferox Leaf Powder. Aloe Ferox is traditionally used to help support digestive, colon and bowel health as well as aid in decreasing inflammation, improving skin health and supporting your immune system. 

Recommended Use

Collagen: 1 scoop daily with 6-8oz (or to desired sweetness preference).

Aloe: Take 1-2 capsules before bed with 8oz of water.

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