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Sana Frother

Sana Frother

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The Sana Frother is perfect for blending your favorite Collagen & Greens drink.  Blend to your hearts content with this power hand-held frother.  You can also blend up your favorite drinks including Smoothies, Lattes, Frappes and more!  (Batteries not included.)

- Froth your drink to foamy perfection! Works amazing when blending milk into your favorite drinks.

- Blend up any drink in seconds with the powerful battery-operated motor.

- Cleaning is a breeze! Simply turn on the frother and hold it under hot running water for a few seconds and it's clean!

- Whirl up protein drinks, beat some scrambled eggs or blend up your favorite cocktail mixers...The Sana Frother is your new favorite kitchen utensil.


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